Has it really been Twenty Years of The Sims?

When I started playing The Sims, when the game first appeared 20 years ago, I had already been a long-time player of the SimCity franchise of games beginning with SimCity in 1989. I guess I was expecting something different because I thought it was going to be more like SimCity except down to the level of individual Sims. I must not have been entirely unhappy that it was not what I was expecting because I did at once become addicted to playing the game.

Has it really been twenty years since The Sims first appeared? I guess so… there was article about it the Washington Post this morning. (see How The Sims navigated 20 years of change to become one of the most successful franchises ever)

Has it really been five years since the first release of the Sims 4? Yes.

And has it really been two years since I last posted a story from The History of Twin Bayous (THOTB)? Yes, it has.

Yet, despite my absence of posting anything here for many months, I remain an avid and as some might say: addicted player of The Sims

I play the game almost every night. When I am not playing The Sims 4, I blog about comic books at Ximoc.

Now that spellcasting has reintroduced into the game with the Realm of Magic game pack, I have been inspired to recreate all of the characters (households) from Story 8 and THOTB.

The first household I have uploaded to the gallery are Mihail LeFey & Kathrine (Gilliland) LeFey from Story 8 and THOTB. For current bios see https://simbolistic.com/thotb-characters/.

My EA account ID is mdebacker and the items are tagged #thotb and #story8.

Mihail or Mihai, as he is known to intimate family and friends, is a visitor from Dimension-A (Story 8) who now resides with his long-lost love Katherine in Universe-4. He is a virtuoso-level spellcaster who has mastered practical magic including the rite of Ascension.

Kathrine (aka Katherine Gililand) is originally from the Source. Occasionally the Source was used to represent the future and people could go there from the various dimensions to meet their “future descendants”. If that does not make sense read THOTB season 9 episodes 17-18 or maybe this recap from 2017 would help.

When in the gallery be sure to select “Include Custom Content” under Advanced.


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